"Whatever you do, do it with love. Everything is possible."
- jali


Djajo Elling, known as the Digital & New Media artist jali, was born in Hamburg, Germany.
He works as a freelance advertising designer in Lower Saxony, Northern Germany, and teaches digital art in Bremen. One of his main passions in life is creating beautiful visuals of all kind, with a strong focus on logo development, corporate design, illustration, editorial design and art posters. His posters are especially influenced by his way of thinking and his view to towards the future of design. He is a trend-setter and has a good sense for modern and his futuristic view of design – better described as a designer of tomorrow. His heart beats for design. He is always striving for more and is constantly seeking new challenges to develop creative designs and fresh communication solutions. Jali wants to further improve his designs skills and grow beyond himself and with his work he wants to inspire others as well as himself. Besides his education and his work as a freelance graphic artist and advertisement designer, jali is also working on private projects that involving the creation of logos and editorial design. Additonaly he spends time developing new of ways expressing himself through his artistic posters alsways under his artist name jali.